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AIM Associates provides consulting to cities, school districts, A/E firms, R&D facilities, other businesses, and individuals. Our consulting services include peer review, integrated design team management, performance based design technical support, sustainable architecture and energy efficiency.

Our consulting services
include the following:

  • Helping the owner set and then champion the performance goals.
  • Helping the owner and design team to use the Integrated Design Team Process to optimize the design and reach the project goals.
  • Providing technical support to the design team as needed to reach the Green architecture and energy efficiency goals. Provide energy use and daylighting modeling. Provide life cycle cost analysis.
  • Peer review and report to the owner or the A/E on the progress of the design team in meeting performance goals.

We tailor our services to fit your needs. Contact us for a fuller list of consulting services experience.

Click on the consulting projects below to find out more:

United States Forest Service Visitor’s Center

New Kenilworth Junior High School · Petaluma, CA

The Mary Isaak Center · Petaluma, CA

Technical Guidelines for Design and Specifications for Schools · Petaluma, CA

Petaluma City Schools Administration Offices · Petaluma, CA

Student Union Expansion · Sonoma State University


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