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AIM Associates is the leader of a team of Green building experts who are assisting in the project planning of the Volcanic Legacy Discovery Center in Mount Shasta, CA. This is a multi-agency project. Our work as Green building experts is provided by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The project is jointly funded and managed by the US Forest Service, CalTrans and the City of Mount Shasta. Local non-profit organizations will be participating in the project goal setting and design review process.

The responsibilities of the AIM Associates team include:

  • Conduct a charrette/workshop attended by all of the project decision makers to establish the Green goals for the Volcanic Legacy Discovery Center.
  • Create a design process methodology to achieve a Green/High performance Building to be used by the architect/engineer team.
  • Provide Green design process and Green technical support to the US Forest Service, CalTrans and the City of Mount Shasta

The project goals incorporate a wide range of Green issues from brown field rehabilitation, storm water management, on-site waste water treatment and reuse, energy efficiency, biomass energy generation, daylighting, passive solar heating, natural ventilation and cooling, material and resource efficiency to habitat restoration.

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