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“Healthy indoor environments are important to me so I hired George to design my office building renovation and my new home. I got beautiful, creativity enhancing and energy smart buildings as a bonus!”

Deepak Chopra, President, Eckhart Corporation, Marin County, California

“By the way, your home has been by far the best performer across all of our assessment metrics. We've calculated a 96% source energy reduction from a 2001 baseline. 74% site energy reduction. This is due to the fact that gas usage dominates your total energy use, and that you annually export electricity (maybe not the case with the LEAF, but we don't include that in our analysis). These boost your source energy savings beyond site savings. Carbon emissions are down 80%. Very good work!”

Brennan Less, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Residential Building Systems Group

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AIM Associates
has been providing Green and High Performance building consulting, integrated design team management, and full architectural and engineering services since 1982. We specialize in collaborating with clients who understand the importance of sophisticated design and analysis to achieve substantially better building performance.

George & model with William Lancaster
“George, as always working with you is one of the great joys of my life – creative interaction to a great product that I then get to live with.”

William Lancaster, Inventor, Louisville, Kentucky

Our experience covers a wide range of building types from technically demanding pharmaceutical laboratories, the Natural Science Foundation award winning Environmental Technology Center, offices, conference centers, high performance public and private schools, to socially responsible, affordable homes. We aim for high performance Green goals in both new and existing buildings.

Our knowledge of the latest research in daylighting, ventilation and other features of healthy indoor environments is especially important to enhancing creativity and productivity in schools, R&D facilities, and offices. AIM’s goal for every project is to work with the full team to create a high performance building that is cost effective, healthy for the occupants, and ecologically sustainable.

Please contact us for your next high performance, green building project.

George walks his talk with his own live/work office being a national leader. See the Beeler Thousand Home Challenge Case Study